Team Coaching

Team Coaching, delivered by Caroline Beckett (MCC, EIA), provides a safe space for teams to stretch their performance and be the best that they can.  Using a personalised systemic approach, with a focus on both the individuals and the wider system, it provides the opportunity for members to gain a greater understanding of themselves, each other and the team dynamics.  Hawkins (2017) stated that, in team coaching, “the primary client is the whole team, rather than the individual team members.”   

The process generally follows the pattern of: commissioning, clarifying, co-creating, connecting and core learning.  Team coaching is delivered with a systemic lens and multi-disciplinary approach which recognises the importance of external factors, as well as the internal relationships and perspectives of the team’s work.

What areas might come up?

  • Establishing and aligning vision, purpose and beliefs
  • Identity and collective team goals
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Resolving conflict and increasing mutual understanding
  • Making powerful choices
  • Committing to change
  • Improving communication
  • Identifying blindspots
  • Reaching or surpassing goals.

How is team coaching delivered? brings an empathetic and practical approach to such coaching engagements and, coupled with specific ICF training in mentor coaching, supervision and team coaching, Caroline Beckett (MCC) also holds a Master’s degree with a focus on leadership and management in the international setting. Sessions are carefully contracted while being built on psychological safety and collaboration – they can be a potentially transformational experience for individuals, teams and organisations.

Why might organisations choose team coaching rather than 1:1 coaching?

Team coaching is a cost-effective way of enhancing performance and identifying areas for development, as well as improving cohesion and efficiency.  The Ridler Report (2016) noted that team coaching accounted for an ever-increasing proportion of coaching, with 76% of organisations surveyed expected to increase their use of team coaching over the next two years.

Why wait?  Contact Caroline today to find out how this developing field can help to support and develop your teams and your organisation.

What about if I am already a coach and looking for apply for the ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC)?

As a holder of an EMCC Global Supervision Individual Award (ESIA), Caroline Beckett, is a credentialed, certified SUPERvisor who works one-to-one and with groups of clients up to mastery level.  She is also able to offer supervision to other professional coaches looking to apply for ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC) will need to undertake five hours of supervision with a coach, like Caroline, who is a trained SUPERvisor.  ICF states that this is due to, “the complexities of team coaching practice and the intensity of team dynamics.”  More information about ICF’s stance on SUPERvision can be found here.