ICF Credentialing Exam

Welcome to this jigsaw.coach self-study programme focusing on practice for the ICF credential examination.  This is designed around the ICF Core Competencies and is primarily for coaches who are preparing to take the examination, but it will also be beneficial for any coaches who wish to further develop their competencies.   

The ICF Credentialing Exam  (formerly known as the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment) is a requirement for any coach who wishes to go through the credentialing process for the first time, and any coaches who wants to move from ACC to PCC or PCC to MCC. Coaches who are just renewing their credential at the same level (not upgrading) will not be required to complete the exam.  

What does the test include and how is it designed? 

  • The test consists of 81 questions and lasts for 3 hours.
  • Each multiple-choice question is designed to test the coach’s knowledge of the ICF Core Competencies by providing a realistic scenario followed by four possible responses. 
  • The coach is required to choose the best action and the worst action for each question. Although more than one response may represent a reasonable response to the scenario presented, candidates will receive credit only for selecting the best possible and the worst possible action.
  • Coaches need to score at least 76% to receive a pass grade.

What resources are available for preparation?

Detailed information is available on the ICF website by clicking here.

In addition, you can choose to get some practice by using the jigsaw.coach deck of questions where you will be provided with detailed analysis to justify which is the best and worst answer.  Unlike other sample test questions, jigsaw.coach ensures that all answers are mapped to the ICF Core Competencies so that there is a very clear, logical justification for responses.  It is a good practice to time yourself when completing these questions so that you get a good idea about how long you need per question. 


There is a nominal charge of $3 for access to this programme.  Please click here to get started and you will receive an email from jigsaw.coach to confirm your purchase, then a subsequent email with instructions about how to get started. 

Good luck!