Mentor Coaching

What is mentor coaching?

Mentor Coaching consists of coaching, feedback and suggested targets which is delivered in a  collaborative style consisting of a two way dialogue between the mentor and coach.   A Mentor Coach is somebody who has acquired the relevant coach education and who has a proven track record of success.  For ICF credentialing, the purpose is to increase the coach’s capabilities specifically related to the ICF Core Competencies.  Ultimately, a mentor coach’s aim is to help other coaches grow so that they can, in turn, be the best coach possible for their clients.

What can offer you in terms of mentor coaching?

As a registered ICF Mentor Coach (ICF International and ICF UK Chapter) and an experienced Master Certified Coach (MCC), Caroline Beckett is well-placed to deliver mentor coaching.  As an instructional designer, trainer and coach she has undertaken specific ICF Continued Coach Education (CCE) with a focus on mentor coaching and is committed to her own professional development in this area. delivers mentor coaching in small groups, on a one-to-one basis or in packages combining both.  

What is the purpose of mentor coaching?

Mentoring coaching has two main purposes: 

  • To provide professional assistance to help coaches achieve and demonstrate the levels of competency and capability demanded by the desired ICF credentialing level.
  • To provide a space for reflection and professional development opportunities.

The bespoke one-to-one mentor coaching sessions involve an individualised process which includes the following steps:

  • The coach will be asked to share a recorded session of between 30 – 60 minutes in advance.
  • The mentor will listen to the recording prior to the mentoring session in order to prepare notes, targets and points for discussion.
  • The coach will be asked to listen to their recording again and map their performance against the ICF Core Competencies.
  • The coach and mentor will meet together on zoom to discuss the coaching session and agree targets for improvement.  
  • The coach and mentor will partner in designing a way of checking on progress.

What is required by the ICF credentialing process in relation to mentor coaching?

For credentialing purposes, ICF requires that Mentor Coaching should take place over at least three months which allows time for the coach to implement their targets for improvement.  This can be split into seven group mentoring sessions and three or more one-to-one sessions.

Specific information from ICF can be found here.