Caroline, you were excellent and just what I needed to help me reframe my thinking about so many aspects of my professional life. Kind, caring, supportive and challenging (often all at once), you created a safe space for me very quickly to be open and honest with you and with myself. I cannot recommend you and the coaching experience I had with you highly enough. Massive thanks for everything you helped me reflect on and move forward with.

Amy Murphy

Head of Secondary, British International School, Budapest 

Coaching has immeasurably assisted my professional development and leadership competencies. Caroline is a consummate professional who knows the international educational setting and is able to ask perceptive, challenging questions which provoke deeper thought about current actions and future plans. Her coaching has been extremely beneficial and has allowed me to raise and address issues in a reflective, challenging atmosphere.

Khalil Ahmed, PhD

Experienced International Head Teacher

Caroline is experienced on both a personal and professional level so it was very comforting to interact with someone that really knew what my circumstances felt like. Caroline is also very genuine and extremely devoted and dedicated which made my coaching experience a life changing one. I am very grateful for all the effort that Caroline had made with me that will enable me to realise all my hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations.

Sarah Saade

It was a privilege to work with Caroline. She introduced me to techniques, thought-patterns, and perspectives that have had a transformative impact on my day-to-day work, my reputation with colleagues, and my opportunities for advancement. Our work together has empowered me to grow as an authentic leader within my organisation.

Associate Director, Buro Happold

Caroline is absolutely fantastic at what she does. She is so easy to talk to and really listens to what you are saying. She has helped me professionally in my career as a teacher and also personally by giving me a safe space to talk about  anxiety and grief. She really is wonderful! Thank you Caroline!

Alexandra Stevens

Experienced Educator

As a business owner, working in the financial services sector, I have been extremely satisfied with the impact of Caroline’s coaching on my productivity, organisation and overall effectiveness as a service provider. Through her clear and focused coaching style she has enabled me to talk through and create a variety of new key systems and process which have had a tangible impact on the quality and quantity of my business.

Piers Colegate

Independent Mortgage Advisor

I reached out to Caroline at an important point in my career. Her balanced, yet objective, and personalised approach really supported me through the challenges of transitioning into a more complex senior role. Her exceptional listening skills allowed her to guide me to the core of issues and explore opportunities for the way forward with ease, and her patience with me was second to none. My only regret was not starting the journey sooner!

Tejinder Pawar

Director of Finance, Global Supply Chain, DHL, UK

Caroline is a highly professional and very caring person. She really helped me focus on my strengths and stay focused on the positive things in my career. She also worked with me to polish both my personal and professional short and long term goals. Her coaching extended to address any personal requirement and she is a professional person with relevant experience beyond her field expertise in careers and education. Caroline is very well-organised and was prompt on taking action after each coaching session we had. She is always welcoming, positive, energetic, creative, very understanding and supportive and she keeps in touch after the coaching contract.

Amina Alwan

Senior Assistant Manager, Credit and Risk, Citi Bank, Bahrain

I found the coaching sessions with Caroline extremely useful. The questioning allowed me to think objectively and clearly. Caroline provided a framework which I used to overcome the road blocks I could foresee which were preventing me and holding me back from making a decision. I would, unreservedly, recommend Caroline as an executive coach.

Francis Davies

Town and Country Planning Officer

Caroline is an experienced professional who is easy to connect with on a personal level.  I think this is what matters the most for business coaching.  She is an excellent listener and observer, and she created a very personal experience.

Mais Jauhary

Chief Development Officer, WeGroBusiness

Working with Caroline has been one of my most rewarding learning experiences. She is accomplished, clear and accommodating; every single session I  had with her was efficient yet fun!  She radiated such a welcoming and warm feeling that made me comfortable and made the process less daunting. I still feel privileged to have worked with Caroline, and I believe anyone would benefit greatly from her support. She is more than proficient at her job and I would highly recommend working with Caroline.

Jumana Almannai

I feel like I’ve gone from zero to hero over the time I have worked with Caroline as my coach and I can’t thank her enough for her help! I would recommend Caroline to others. Overall, my Coaching experience was beyond expectations.

Ben Lawson