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The team has a proven track record as educator and are well placed to deliver one-to-one English tuition to teenagers and adults for a variety of purposes.

The GCSE tuition sessions I had online with Caroline were very helpful as we covered aspects of both the Literature and Language courses. Lessons were very engaging and Caroline delivers in a unique way incorporating many different activities as well as video clips and shared documents. It was fun and improved my understanding. I enjoyed all aspects of the tuition sessions and, in particular, looking through past questions together and working through written responses which I could then use as a template for the future which made other questions much easier to understand and answer. My final GCSE grades for Literature and Language exceeded my expectations.Harry Peet, GCSE Student, UK
Caroline has been homeschooling our two daughters for over a year for IGCSE English Literature and Language as well as Geography and General Studies. She is an outstanding teacher who has the perfect balance between working very hard but at the same time making it fun. In the past, My youngest daughter disliked English as a subject and now it is one of her favourites. I give Caroline all credit for this turn around and recommend her highly.Susan Carpenter (Parent)

Private English tuition available:

  • English as a Second Language
  • British Curriculum English
  • IGCSE First and Second Language
  • GCSE Literature and Language
  • A-Level Literature and Language
  • English for Business
  • Creative Writing
I had a wonderful time as Caroline’s student. She was more like a sweet, fun aunt tutoring me rather than a strict, boring teacher. Before I met her I had got a D on my English Language A-Level and when I tried for it again after taking classes for six months with Caroline I got an A! She knew exactly what to teach me with her guidance everything turned out really well. I learnt a lot and most importantly I enjoyed learning from her. I’ll never forget her as my teacher and I’d recommend her to anyone who needs the help.Batrishia Rakhim, Bahrain (A-Level student)
Ms. Caroline is a professional and motivating tutor. I enjoy her online classes very much. She has great experience of teaching on all levels from beginner to advanced. Most importantly, she helped me in a very short time, to improve my overall level of English and my vocabulary. Her classes are both efficient and fun!Nadine Elsharkawi, Cairo, Egypt (GCSE Student)

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