CV Design

The professional CV writing services have been used by clients on three continents and across sectors for roles such as: project management, accounting, executive assistant, global finance director, town and country planner, NGOs, education leadership.

To write an effective CV we need to find out about you which is why we provide one-to-one Zoom calls to facilitate an open discussion and a detailed exchange of information.   As a CV is how you make a first impression, it is essential that you present your expertise and qualifications as clearly as possible.   With almost 20 years’ experience in recruitment, we are able to write and present your CV so that it gains maximum impact. 

Your one-to-one conversation with our expert CV writer will focus on areas like: 

  • Clarifying your career direction
  • Defining your purpose and objectives
  • Discussing, in detail, your career so far
  • Highlighting key aspects of your track record and achievements.

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Our bespoke CV writing service involves an individualised process which includes the following steps:

  1. Initial conversation regarding purpose and requirements
  2. Client sends existing CV to for review
  3. An appointment is arranged, via Zoom, for a discussion regarding the existing CV content as well as the client’s aspirations, experience, qualifications and priorities 
  4. redesign, rewrite and edit a new CV in line with specific client needs
  5. Draft one is emailed to the client for review within the agreed timeline
  6. A follow-up Zoom conversation will be arranged to discuss any observations or  edits needed
  7. A final, updated, tailored CV will be proofread and checked before a word and PDF version of the document is sent to the client.

If you are serious about moving forward in your career, or finding that new role, then investing in your CV is an essential first step.  If you feel you are ready, make contact via or email today to find out when we have availability to start.