Creative Writing

Have you lost your creative spark?

Bespoke tuition or eight week programme – the perfect way to take some time out, be creative and have fun!

Don’t forget – no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories you have to tell.Charles de Lint

Have you always wanted to sit down and write? Have you struggled with motivation or confidence in your ability? If so, why not register for this interactive, inspiring and practical Creative Writing Programme designed for beginners as well as those looking to refresh their writing skills. This is the perfect way for aspiring creative writers to develop and refine their talents.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.Isaac Asimov

Benefits include:

  • Developing strategies for creating credible characters and convincing settings
  • Exploring how to engage your reader and promote empathy
  • Becoming more conscious of language choices and being more creative with words
  • Receiving individual feedback and assistance with your own writing project.

Caroline Beckett is a published author with a passion for the written word and over fifteen years’ global experience in the delivery of writing tuition.

The Creative Writing programme which I took part in last year, with a group of people in a number of different countries, was both enjoyable and informative and the fact that it was online made it accessible. A range of genres were covered and I particularly liked the structure of the sessions which allowed for discussion, focus on a particular aspect of writing and time to ‘give it a go’. Caroline created a good rapport with the class making it a safe and encouraging environment in which to share ideas. I had wanted to begin writing but I am a natural procrastinator; this was a good way to kick-start my writing again. Thank you Caroline!Elaine Hall, Teacher, Cairo, Egypt
As an older person writing my first book, I was fairly anxious about ‘returning to school’ with Caroline (who had been recommended to me). I need not have worried. She was very welcoming and put me at my ease. That said, she is very competent and sensitively straight talking – if you don’t want to know what she thinks then don’t ask her. Her delivery methods were enjoyable and interactive. I shall be attending again.Martin Parks, Financial Director, Kenya

Reignite your creativity. What are you waiting for? Bespoke tuition also available.

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